About Service
Instant cryptocurrency exchange that is not connected with storage, which means that users' funds are not deposited into the service. The service acts as an intermediary between cryptocurrencies and users, offering access to more than 200 cryptocurrencies. Its mission is to make the exchange process easy for anyone who wants to invest in cryptocurrency.

The service offers an intuitive interface, secure transactions and favorable exchange rates. The service does not charge any hidden or unreasonable fees. There is only a flat fee of 0.15% for cryptocurrency swaps, and that's it.

The service offers its API and customizable payment widget for any crypto service that wants to expand its audience and introduce new exchange options. Dozens of crypto companies already use our API, which extends their functionality with instant exchange. The service cooperates with MyEtherWallet, Exodus, Binance, BRD, Edge, Coinomi, Trezor, Ledger, Enjin, Huobi Wallet and other well-known players in the crypto industry.