1. General Provisions

1.1 This Agreement regulates the relations between the User (hereinafter - the Customer) and the Service (hereinafter - the Service) while rendering the services of exchanging electronic currencies.
1.2 The term "Service" is understood to mean the internet exchange website.
1.3 The Customer means an individual or organization exchanging currencies through the Service.
1.4 Hereinafter, if the Customer and the Service are mentioned together, they are referred to as the Parties.
1.5 Before using the Service, the Customer must read the terms and conditions of the Agreement in full.
1.6 The Customer may use the Service only on condition that the Customer understands and accepts all the terms and conditions stated in this Agreement.
1.7 The Administration of the Service may unilaterally change the clauses of the Agreement. Changes are valid after their publication on the Service website.
1.8 This offer is valid from the moment the Customer submits an application.

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1 The Service provides the services described in Clause 4 of this Agreement. The Customer is also obliged to follow the rules stated in the Clause 9 of this Agreement, the provisions of which are specified in the Clause 5 of this Agreement. 2.2. All of the transactions performed at the Service are on a fee basis. The Client who has created an application on the Site is obliged to pay for it.

3. Rights and obligations of the Parties

3.1 The exchange service is obliged:
3.1.1 Perform electronic currency exchange, online payment systems in compliance with all rules stipulated in this Agreement.
3.1.2 Provide technical and informational support to the Customers in the process of money transfers through the Online Service.
3.1.3 Guarantee the safety of the information on the performed exchange operations, namely personal data, time of the exchange, amount and other information. Exchanges carried out in different directions with confidential payment systems have the status of Confidentiality and are not subject to disclosure.
3.1.4 Not to provide the information on the performed exchange operations to unauthorized persons.

3.2.Obligations of the Customer:

3.2.1 Provide the Service with the exact details of the request to ensure the fastest possible exchange.
3.2.2 Provide the details of their email address in order to receive the Service's notification of the exchange operation's progress.
3.2.3 Comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement provided by the Service.
3.2.4 Notify the Service administration or online support about the situations when the funds are not fully or partially paid, as well as in cases stipulated in the paragraphs 5.4.-5.6. of the current Agreement. The notification must be sent no later than one month after the transaction. Otherwise, the Customer's funds will be at the disposal of the Service.

3.3 The exchange service has the right:

3.3.1 Suspend the service for a certain period of time to fix problems and improve the Service.
3.3.2 Establish a discount system for exchange operations at its own discretion.
3.3.3 Set and change the commission fee for exchange operations.
Stop communicating with the User who uses obscene language. 3.3.8.
3.3.5 The Service reserves the right to revise the terms of the referral program commission.

4. List of services provided by the Service

4.1 Service carries out transactions on exchange of electronic currencies, cryptocurrencies. This list can be found on the main page of the website.
4.2 The exchange service does not have the right to check the client for the availability of funds used for currency exchange.

5. Regulations of exchange operations

5.1 The exchange is deemed to be started, by the fact of transfer of funds on this or that application from the Client.
5.2 The exchange is considered completed only after the funds are transferred to the account provided by the Client.
5.3 The Client shall not have the right to cancel the transaction after it has begun or to demand a refund of the funds transferred for the exchange.
5.4 If an amount is transferred from the User that does not correspond to the details specified when the exchange was initiated, the Service has the right to freeze the transaction until the Customer requests it; the Service will carry out the transaction at the exchange rate specified at the moment the transaction is initiated.
5.5 If an incorrect or blocked account is indicated, the exchange is not performed. The money shall be returned to the Customer upon his application.
5.6 The client undertakes to make payment on the application within 20 minutes, otherwise the application can be removed or recalculated at a current rate.
5.7 In the case when the payment from the client doesn't come for a long time because the sender specified a low commission for sending, or the withdrawal was made from a third-party site that delays the payment, the exchange service has the right to recalculate the exchange rate in the application at the time of receipt of funds.
5.8 In the case when the exchange is made with a surcharge from the exchange service, the discount does not apply.

6. Warranties and Responsibilities of the Parties

The Service is not liable financially or morally for any mistakes made by the Customer when filling out the form or making any other errors related to the electronic currency exchange. If money has been transferred to the wrong account indicated in the application by the Customer, the operation cannot be cancelled or the money will not be refunded.
6.2 The Service is not liable for any damage or loss of functionality of the equipment or its separate elements caused during the exchange process.
6.3 The Service is not responsible for any delay in payment.
6.4 The Service is not responsible for damages or loss of income resulting from the Customer's mistaken beliefs concerning the rates or profitability of the transactions.
6.5 The Service is not responsible for financial losses caused by delays in transfers.
6.6 The Customer confirms that he/she has reached the age of majority at the moment of interaction with the Service in accordance with the laws of the country of the Customer's residence.

7. Changes in the terms of the Agreement

7.1 The administration of the Exchange Service shall have the right to edit or modify this Agreement at any time. Changes take effect after they are published or posted on the official website.

8. Force Majeure .

8.1 In case of force majeure the Parties are released from the responsibility for non-fulfillment or untimely fulfillment of conditions of the present Agreement. Force majeure means war, terrorist attack, fire, flood, riots, hacking, acts of local authorities. Also includes power failure and lack of access to networks, which include Internet and communication services.

9. Order of carrying out exchange operations

9.1 In order to exchange currency, the Client must transfer the necessary amount of electronic funds from his virtual wallet. In this case, he is personally responsible for the legality of the sources of their receipt.
9.2 The exchange service is not responsible for the execution of the transfer made for the Client by third parties.
9.3 The Client by clicking "I agree to the rules of exchange" accepts all the terms of this Agreement.